LIMS Manager Course

The LIMS Manager Course is a 3-day course providing in-depth training for BLISS including:

  • Basic architecture of BLISS
  • Configuring the BLISS LIMS to meet your organization’s needs
  • Using standard and special features of BLISS
  • Basic troubleshooting procedures

This course provides fundamental understanding of BLISS Administration with presentations and practice using BLISS. Each student is assigned a laptop that hosts a virtual machine representing the Database and BLISS Servers. Students are given a thumb-drive containing course materials, and manuals. Certificates of Completion are given at the end of the course.

The LIMS Manager course is conducted using BLISS Revision 16, Windows Server 2016, and Microsoft Office 2016.

Baytek International will provide all necessary course materials.

To register, click here.

Cost is $2,750 per person.

For more information, email