There are many LIMS systems available and a different design philosophy and purpose behind each one, but there is only one LIMS built for the purpose of enterprise refinery lab management…only one LIMS with 35 years of proven refinery experience. BLISS, Baytek International’s LIMS, was developed in a refinery for refineries. From BLISS’s elegant and robust routine sample schedule to its integrated SQC charting capabilities, the BLISS system was designed and built for the purpose of automating and simplifying your laboratory information management across your entire enterprise.

The selection of your LIMS package is not just about a LIMS… it’s about the quality of your product… your customers’ satisfaction… regulatory compliance…  efficiency and lower cost. For 35 years, Baytek International has catered to refiners, incorporating good ideas from all levels of refinery management and operations. You’ll see the difference immediately, from the fundamentals (like the way we identify and schedule samples) to the innovative (like BayID RFID identification of sample collection times) to compliance (like our cutting edge QC/PLUS solution for D6299 & Tier 3) We guarantee our standard functionality will be better and our cost-of-ownership lower than any other product on the market because our LIMS was built for the purpose of managing a refinery laboratory.

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