Today, a LIMS can be found in most process laboratory environments. And most of those labs could benefit from a web-based interface to dramatically improve usability, accessibility, and ultimately, the value of laboratory results to end users.

The WebBLISS product was designed as an off-the-shelf query and reporting tool specially developed for Baytek International’s BLISS LIMS. It is a versatile website where users can easily perform a wide array of functions, from simple searches to complex laboratory searches.

One of the driving forces behind the creation of WebBLISS was the need for personnel outside of the lab to easily access results. With the necessary security permissions, anyone can view lab results from WebBLISS without installing special software. Since data is server-based, a “thin client” architecture can be used to access BLISS from anywhere within the corporate network.


  • Cutting-edge, “thin client” technology
  • Instantly accessible data from any PC on the company-wide network
  • Highly secure data
  • Intuitive user interface that is easy-to-use
  • Ability to export data directly to Excel
  • Tight integration with existing BLISS software


  • Query sample results
  • Save searches as “Favorites” for easy access to commonly viewed data
  • Use relative dates to improve search flexibility
  • Hyperlink from summary reports to full sample information
  • Limit users to data from specific areas of the facility as well as specific features of WebBLISS (based on their roles and privileges)
  • Display dynamic, real-time results
  • Log-in samples
  • Enter sample results
  • Generate and approve Certificates of Analysis
  • View sample schedules