BLISS Quality Course

Statistical Quality Assurance Fundamentals for Test Methods per ASTM D6299

Alex T. Lau, President of TCL-Consulting and Chairman of ASTM D02.94, to present his D6299 Seminar & lead a Tier 3 Discussion

Dates: Wed 4/26 – Thur 4/27

Location: Holiday Inn Corpus Christi Downtown Marina

Bonus: Wednesday Evening with Alex

Bring Your SQC Ailments to the Doc!

This exciting training opportunity is a two day, highly interactive course with a combination of lecture by Alex and workshop time; each course attendee will have access to a laptop fully-loaded with Baytek’s cutting-edge QC/Plus and SQC Pro packages for hands-on practice. The course will include both SQC theory and practical application.

Day 1: Morning

  • Preface : Thought Provoking Questions
  • Understanding Variation in Measurements
  • Precision Fundamentals
  • Bias Fundamentals

Day 1: Afternoon

  • In-Statistical-Control & Control-Chart Fundamentals

Day 2

  • AM: Hand-on Practice for Control Chart Setup using Baytek QC Tools (Technical Presenter Desiree Evans & Theoretical Presenter Alex Lau)
  • PM: Workshop Time & Tier 3 Discussion

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Cost is $2,750 per person

For more information, email