Instrumentation Automation

Baytek International has been named the best instrument interface provider by a major instrument manufacturer’s users. This distinction is a result of the 35 years of commitment, customer loyalty and R&D that has made Baytek an automation leader in LIMS.

Baytek’s engineers and software architects have a thorough understanding of laboratory instrumentation, workflow, and LIMS interfacing. Baytek International has every aspect of the process covered for the successful automation of your lab. Our iPRO instrument interface software provides data acquisition from most any laboratory instrument.

Baytek Instrument Automation Services are delivered by highly trained individuals who have extensive experience in automating lab functions. Our consultants have an average of 15 years of industry experience. They can deploy the system to allow any instrument to be controlled from any BLISS workstation. Virtually all of your instruments can be managed through these services, from your gas chromatograms and autosamplers to many non-chromatography instruments, such as Mettler™ titrators, Precision™ ADAs and Canon™ auto viscometers.


  • Use of only Baytek International consultants to perform instrument integration (no third party contractors)
  • Minimal disruption to laboratory activities
  • Training of lab personnel with new instrument automation
  • Completion of the integration in a timely manner
  • Reasonable costs maintained
  • Immediate availability of ROI