SUPPORT Our support staff is top tier. When you have a problem, we are here.
100% SUCCESS RATE We have successfully installed our LIMS for over 39 years.
Love Your LIMS The idea of loving your LIMS software should not be a foreign concept.
CUSTOMER LOYALTY We pride ourselves in having kept our original client since 1982.



Baytek works closely with leading industry experts to provide the only comprehensive workflow and reporting solution for ASTM D6299, ISO 4259, and EPA Tier 3 and PBMS.

SQC tool with an ease of use that you never imagined possible. Know your lab’s analytical capabilities in seconds!

  • Precision Control Charts
  • Accuracy Charts
  • Cross-Check Programs
  • Audit Records
  • Performance TPI Reports
  • Exception Reports
  • Out of Control Alerts
  • Automated F-Test and t-Test

cBLISS is Baytek International’s most technologically advanced and feature rich BLISS LIMS product. 39 years of customer feedback, company investment, and technological innovation have made cBLISS The Industrial LIMS.

In our delivery of cBLISS, we have maintained our commitment to allow for plug-and-play installations and complete data migration upgrades. We have also maintained the low cost and short timeline implementation model that our customers expect from BLISS.

Advanced Features Offered in cBLISS Include:

  • SQC Integrated Data Entry
  • Automatic Data Archiving and Replication
  • Retention Management
  • Management of Change with Notification
  • Product Specification Management
  • iPRO Web Instrumentation
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LIMS – Laboratory Information Management Systems

Baytek International  has been providing advanced Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and instrument automation solutions for 39 years. Baytek LIMS systems enable labs to manage complex processes, ensure regulatory compliance, and promote enterprise-wide collaboration.

Outstanding Support and Upgrades

Customers need support they can count on. Baytek International provides outstanding support through our business solutions, experience in the industry, and expertise in Information Technology. Baytek International has been mindful of our customer’s investments and has provided an upgrade path that preserves legacy data and a continuous return on investment at a low total cost of ownership.

Proven Methodology

Baytek International has had a 100% success rate in implementing new customer systems. This is due to our methodologies which have been refined through 39 years of hands-on experience deploying systems. Our consultants, averaging 15 years industry experience, significantly contribute to this success.

High ROI

According to our customers, BLISS has saved them thousands of man-hours over the years. With extras such as the web-based interface, instrument automation capabilities, and RFID sample collection, a laboratory built on BLISS becomes a highly efficient, automated processor of mission-critical data.

39 Years of Customer Focused R&D

Founded in 1982, Baytek International is a pioneer in the LIMS industry. With more than 39 years of customer focused R&D, our products just work better. When we perform work for our customers, we roll those improvements into the product to benefit all of our other customers.

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