iPRO Interface

A significant portion of the ROI for a LIMS system is realized through instrument automation. The efficiency of a well automated instrument management system impacts areas such as enhanced workflow, increased reliability, improved accuracy of results, and increased instrument throughput.

Baytek International’s iPRO™ solution was developed to provide easy-to-implement, highly manageable automation solutions for data acquisition from any laboratory instrument. iPRO allows technicians to efficiently perform many instrument management activities, like developing sequence files for several popular chromatography packages, including ChemStation™, OpenLab™, ChromPerfect™, EZChrom™, and Millenium32™. iPRO provides gas chromatography and autosampler control, as well as automation for many non-chromatography instruments such as the Mettler™ titrator, Precision™ ADA, Canon™ auto viscometer, and many more.

iPRO, along with Baytek International’s instrumentation services, provides a complete solution for connecting any instrument to BLISS, to ANY LIMS System.


  • Greatly improves sample throughput
  • Results are accessible as soon as the instrument run is complete
  • Decreases human data entry error through automation
  • Simplifies workflow to improve productivity; eliminates paper handling
  • Data is secured and auditable right up to the instrument port
  • No thick-client applications; Zero software footprint in laboratory
  • No additional PCs required; Negligible hardware footprint on the lab bench
  • Provides complete web-based dashboard user interfaces
  • Interfaces with popular chromatography packages such as OpenLab™,
  • Completely central configuration; Enterprise scalability
  • Simplifies workflow to improve productivity


  • Review results before posting to LIMS
  • Wireless “roaming” barcode readers for PC independent sample assignment
  • Parse data from workstation-controlled instruments and serial instruments in conjunction with BayPORT

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