Baytek International continues to provide innovative solutions for the advanced, analytical laboratory. TurboTube™, an automated sample vial distribution system. TurboTube allows the laboratory to take workflow automation and sample tracking, custody, and throughput to a whole new level.

TurboTube continues software connectivity to the sample vial. No longer does instrument automation only refer to data acquisition and run control, now instrument automation includes complete sample vial control and distribution. TurboTube networks all the GC instruments together into a centralized sampling system.

TurboTube uses an ingeniously simple pneumatic sample vial delivery system coupled with an advanced software program to manage sample transportation and tracking from sample preparation to the instrument, back to retainment, and ultimately to disposal.

Through the use of the Sample Bank, a centralized auto-sampler for the lab, TurboTube allows for centralized sample custody and intelligent instrument selection.

TurboTube is the most revolutionary lab automation invention since the autosampler! TurboTube is the centralized autosampler for the modern laboratory.


  • Transportation for any standard-size GC vial
  • Compatible with most standard vial instruments
  • Compatible with industry standard chromatography packages
  • Guaranteed auditable results
  • RFID Capable
  • Improved lab safety
  • Increased workflow efficiency
  • Sample custody control
  • Intelligent instrument selection
  • Auto-instrument calibration
  • Automatic disposal of sample vials
  • Automated, refrigerated sample vaults
  • Sample retainment management