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Baytek International continues to provide innovative solutions for the advanced, analytical laboratory. TurboTube™, an automated sample vial distribution system. TurboTube allows the laboratory to take workflow automation and sample tracking, custody, and throughput to a whole new level.

TurboTube continues software connectivity to the sample vial. No longer does instrument automation only refer to data acquisition and run control, now instrument automation includes complete sample vial control and distribution. TurboTube networks all the GC instruments together into a centralized sampling system.

TurboTube uses an ingeniously simple pneumatic sample vial delivery system coupled with an advanced software program to manage sample transportation and tracking from sample preparation to the instrument, back to retainment, and ultimately to disposal.

Through the use of the Sample Bank, a centralized auto-sampler for the lab, TurboTube allows for centralized sample custody and intelligent instrument selection.

TurboTube is the most revolutionary lab automation invention since the autosampler! TurboTube is the centralized autosampler for the modern laboratory.


  • Transportation for any standard-size GC vial
  • Compatible with most standard vial instruments
  • Compatible with industry standard chromatography packages
  • Guaranteed auditable results
  • RFID Capable
  • Improved lab safety
  • Increased workflow efficiency
  • Sample custody control
  • Intelligent instrument selection
  • Auto-instrument calibration
  • Automatic disposal of sample vials
  • Automated, refrigerated sample vaults
  • Sample retainment management

“BLISS has been the best laboratory data and workload management system this refinery has ever used.”

BP – LIMS Administrator/Chemist

“As our workload has tripled over the past 20 years, BLISS has enabled us to complete it without any increase in personnel, saving us millions of dollars.”

Citgo – Laboratory Manager

“BLISS has directly contributed to making our product extremely stable and we have basically no out-of-spec product at the end-of-line. That is a huge cost for most companies and we don’t have that cost.”

Louisiana Pigment – Application programmer

“The Professional Services group is second to none. You can’t throw anything at that group and not get it resolved quickly.”

Valero – Senior Chemist

“The computer interface capability of BLISS has saved us half a man-day every day just in the area of copying and distributing sample reports all over the plant.”

Lyondell-Citgo – Superintendent of laboratory and quality management

“BLISS is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Of course, that’s an exaggeration but it illustrates how strongly we feel about the value we have received from BLISS.”

USA based specialty chemical company – LIMS system manager

Predicting the future and controlling your product’s destiny has never been so easy. SQCPRO™ Baytek International’s powerful SQC product for the web, gives you the power to see where you are going and control your process.


  • Simple: “Intuitive Interface means instant ROI for every user!
  • Available: “Web platform means no rushing back to the office to view critical data! You can check progress from wherever you are.
  • Valuable: “Ability to spot trends easily helps you adjust production sooner and reduce costly errors (with the help of Run Rules and Control Limits).
  • Secure: “SQCPRO™ is capable of the highest levels of security…so secure you can bank on it.

Other Important Features Include:

One Click Access

Favorite Searches appear on Homepage, with results automatically outputting to SQC. Group Favorites can be created and assigned to entire groups of users!

Integrated with cBLISS Data Entry

See SQC Charts in Real-Time integrated on your BLISS Data Entry Screen

Efficient and Powerful

AdHoc.NET Query renders thousands of Sample results in seconds! Additional screens for Capability Graphing, Statistics, and viewing Data are available. Set calculated and hard limits. Click on SampleID to view or print a full sample report.


SQC Chart option settings are saved at the user level. Options include: eleven chart types; numerous labels, fonts, and colors; scale, specification, resolution and more!

Baytek International has developed a solution that leverages proven RFID technology to simplify the process of vial management in the laboratory environment. This cutting-edge toolkit, RFIVial™, uses a very small RFID affixed to a GC or HPLC vial that allows for the wireless reading and writing of up to two kilobytes of information. This is enough memory to store a method and channel an instrument. This toolkit allows for sample tracking, audit trails, and chain of custody transfers within the laboratory.

We have also written software and developed hardware to allow for the reading and writing of the RFIVial at both a sample preparation station and a GC autosampler. This functionality can be expanded with the toolkit to include any location or instrument throughout the lab and facility.


  • Automation of manual tasks
  • Increased accuracy
  • Faster testing runs
  • Enhanced safety
  • Higher return on investment


  • Sample tracking
  • Custody transfer
  • Audit trails
  • Data storage
  • Integration with other components, such as:
  • Chemstation™
  • Baytek International ’s BayID RFID solution
  • AAIM (Baytek International’s instrument management and data collection system)
  • LIMS systems, such as Baytek International’s BLISS

Cloud LIMS Solution for the small lab.

MicroBLISS, Baytek International’s latest cloud LIMS offering, is being sold through Biodiesel Analytical Solutions to the bio-fuel industry and by Baytek International to small labs from all industries who are looking to capitalizes on Baytek’s years of success supplying LIMS solutions.

MicroBLISS brings value and enhanced functionality to biodiesel labs, offering features such as:

  • Fulfillment of ASTM D 6751 Requirement
  • Automated Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • Sample Information Management
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Minimal User Training Required
  • Rapid Deployment & Hosting
  • Optional Advanced Features, such as Instrument Automation

For purchasing information, please contact our reseller: Biodiesel Analytical Solutions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact Baytek directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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